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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Everything's Not What It Seems - Our Patio

Isn't our back patio just beautiful!?!?

We often sit out here and have an evening snack...

 or a glass of wine while reading a book.

The view is breathtaking. It seems like we've got it all together, right? Well, think again. Yes, if we look straight ahead, we see beautiful green trees full of singing birds and happy squirrels.  But, if we look down, we see what we have affectionately dubbed our "weed garden."

And if we look behind us toward the house, we see a mish-mash of broken pots, gardening supplies, and toys my kids have outgrown.

It kind of reminds me of the "Facebook cat" I've seen on Pinterest. 
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The moral of today's story is to be content with what is good in your life, and not to focus on what you perceive to be good about someone else's life. After all, everything is not always what is seems to be...

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  1. Your patio is indeed beautiful, Cheryl! The set of furniture is simply sophisticated, and the backdrop is just stunning! Wow, your patio is a perfect location to ponder and unwind. I love it! =)