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Friday, July 13, 2012

Homearama - A Tour of Decorated Model Homes

Happy Friday, everyone!  A few weeks ago, the Home Builders Association of Cincinnati held their annual Homearama, a showcase of decorated model homes ranging in price from $675,000-$1,000,000.  I visited the seven show houses and was able to get a few pictures of some the more memorable rooms.  Since show homes are a great place to get ideas for your own home, I thought you would enjoy seeing them as well. 



 Painting the breakfast bar black adds contrast to what would otherwise be a rather flat space.

I love the idea of a large chandelier over the island, and the range hood is fantastic.

 This cozy table is just right for a small family, and it expands to accommodate guests.

A bench slipcovered in burlap atop a houndstooth rug conveys a sense of rustic elegance in this breakfast nook.

I realize that prospective buyers often base most of their opinion of a home on their initial impression of the kitchen, so I wanted to get more photos of the kitchens.  Unfortunately, these were the most crowded rooms at the show, and it was difficult to take photographs with so many people trying to get in and out.


 A rustic living room as seen from the second floor of the home.  What a unique light fixture!

 A traditional living room.

Bookcase styling.  How I wish the decorator had gone to a thrift store and picked up some interesting old books (real books) instead of the faux books seen here.  They would have given these shelves much more character, and probably would have cost less.

The black tile and moulding around this television add drama and draw attention away from the black tv.


Texture is the star feature of this dining room.

Sorry for the terrible photo.  I wanted to be sure to show you that cool chalkboard on the left wall.

The corner details on the chalkboard are wrought iron shelf brackets.  I may try to make a chalkboard like this for our basement.


The multi colored stripes, faux painting, and painted branches take this bedroom from boring to brilliant.

 Here's a closer look at the painting.

A very casual bedroom containing several DIY projects.

 A relaxed sitting area off the casual bedroom.  You could easily stencil a pair of thrift store trunks to mimic this look.


A gorgeous master with a corner cabinet that I covet.  I would love to have that for my hair dryer and flat iron.

 Black cabinets, gorgeous light counter tops, gray walls and glamorous sconces?  Yes, please!

A basic bath gets a few rustic touches.


Cute mudroom, but I would prefer a larger bench and more shelving.  Some hooks on the wall would be useful for keeping coats and backpacks off the floor.

This little planning area would be handy for paying bills and checking the kids' schedules while dinner is on the stove.

 What a great playroom.  The artist who painted the walls is incredibly talented.

 A nice laundry room.

An over-the-top basement bar.

 Are you kidding me? 



This room was the favorite of both of my daughters.  As soon as they saw it, they began arguing heatedly about who was going to get to sleep in the room.  Seriously, is it necessary to argue about a room that you will only own in your fantasies?  Apparently it's necessary for my kids to argue about everything.  In any case, I felt it was worth mentioning that this room is greatly appealing to both pre-teen and teenage girls.

This bedding is by Ecco.  It is available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and several other online retailers.  The design on the wall pulls the room together.  Even someone with just basic artistic ability could duplicate this look.

A few cup hooks and three lengths of white fabric are all it took to create this look.  I'll bet white sheets would work perfectly.

What young girl wouldn't love that chaise lounge?!?  I wouldn't mind having one myself.

The sparkly sconces make this bathroom.

I was hoping to find a link to the Homearama website so you can contact the builders and decorators directly, but unfortunately I can't find one.

Most large cities have these types of home shows, so there is probably an annual event somewhere near you.  While some of what you see is over the top (think doggie spa), the houses are full of great ideas that you can implement on a smaller or less expensive scale.  Even if you aren't looking for ideas, these showcases are a fun way to spend a few hours with your family.  This one is over, but I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for the next one.  As soon as I hear anything, you'll be the first to know.


  1. My favorite feature is the dog spa ..... would love that!!! :)

  2. My favorite feature is the dog spa ..... would love that!!! :)