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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Master Bedroom Reveal

Last week I promised you I would show you my teenage daughter's completed bedroom by the end of this week.  Ummm...that's not exactly going to happen.  A trip out of town last weekend, a husband with a bad back, and company this weekend have all put the teen girl's room on the back burner.  I'm hoping you'll forgive me if I give you a little tour of my master bedroom instead.

Most of you are somewhat new here, so I'll remind you how this looked before:

These are the MLS photos with the previous owner's belongings still in place.  There's nothing terribly wrong with it, but it's not exactly exciting, either. 

We decided to warm things up a bit with Sherwin Williams Basket Beige paint and some window treatments.  The layered bedding keeps us comfortable in both the summer and the winter. The beige coverlet set was a Costco bargain, and the rust coverlet and shams were purchased at West Elm Outlet. The suzani pillow is by Dwell Studio for Target.
I need something above the bed.  Art, decorative plates, three small mirrors?  What do you think?

I made the curtains myself out of fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.
I'd love to have artfully styled nightstands and dressers like I see so often in blogland, but for me, that leads to more dusting.  I've opted to keep things simple in here.

Anyone else addicted to Chapstick?
I love my sitting area.  It's the place I retreat to at the end of a long stressful day.  The previous owners had the chairs facing the fireplace, but I felt that made the room feel smaller.  I put my chair next to the fireplace, leaving more open space in the room.

I practically live in that chair after 9:30 PM.  I sit there and read, watch TV and, of course, blog. 

The fireplace is on practically every night from November through March.  The photo below shows the fireplace just a few months ago.

The house was obviously built before flat screen televisions were commonplace.  We decided that we wanted to keep a TV in the bedroom (controversial, I know), but we wanted to be able to watch it from both the bed and the sitting area.  So, we filled in the area above the fireplace...

and moved the television to the top of the dresser, which is located directly in front of the bed.
The TV sits on top of the cable box cover I made a few months back (click here to see how I did it).  They say gold is back (whoever "they" are).  I hope "they" are right, because it never left our house, and we've accumulated quite a bit of it over the years.
The television is slightly angled so it can be seen from both the bed and the sitting area.

The bookshelves not only contain books (mostly hidden in the green storage boxes on the bottom shelves), but also items that are special to our family, such as our wedding invitation and pine cones collected from the yard of my childhood home.
Eventually I'll do something to the back of the bookshelves.  I'm not sure what, but I think it needs a pop of something. 
A few AAA tourbooks from places I've visited recently.

A handmade plate made by an up-and-coming artist and purchased for me by a friend at an art auction.  Okay, maybe the artist isn't up-and-coming, but she is my daughter, and I appreciate that my friend picked this up for me at the middle school art auction.
This bronze statue was presented to my husband by his co-workers in Ireland after a two month assignment in the the Emerald Isle.

As you can see, I've been busy putting my personal stamp on this room and changing it to meet our family's needs. 
In case you are interested in any of the items you see here, I'll leave you with my source list.
  • Rust Bedding - West Elm Outlet
  • Beige Bedding - Costco
  • Suzani Pillow - Target
  • Curtain Fabric - Hobby Lobby
  • Curtain Rods - JCPenney
  • Nightstand Lamps - Stein Mart
  • Chair, Bed - Bassett
  • Striped Pillows in Sitting Area - Tuesday Morning
  • Basket Next to Fireplace - Home Emporium (aka Southeastern Salvage)
  • Large Picture Above Fireplace - Home Goods (I got a huge deal on this.  The frame was falling apart, so I had to have it reframed.  My huge deal turned into a huge expense.)
  • Nightstands, Dresser - made by Broyhill, purchased about 11 years ago
  • Sunburst Mirror Above Dresser - Home Depot
  • Gold Lamp on Dresser - Marshalls (it still has the wrapper and tags because I may return it)
  • Paint - Sherwin Williams Basket Beige
Thanks for taking the time to visit me and my blog!  Come back next week to see the teen girl's room (for real this time!). 
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  1. Your bedroom looks amazing! I am really admiring the fact that you gathered the bedding from various places. That's no easy thing to accomplish in my opinion. Love the accessories. Everything looks traditional but current, you know what I mean? That's the look I want in my new house too. You made me laugh with your framing experience. Didn't you know the frame is the most expensive part? I've ordered posters from for $20 and spent $200 on the frame. Sheesh!

  2. Thanks, Stacey! Lol about the frame - I know now!

  3. Very nice!! maybe wallpaper for the back of those bookshelves.

  4. Your bedroom is big and beautiful. Love your bedding and great choice for the drapes. Thanks for linking up to wow.

  5. I love you bedroom and the way you were able to pull from all stores to get a perfectly coordinated look. Just a thought on above your bed, have you thought of hanging the sunburst mirror there?

  6. That bedroom looks very well put together and tasteful. My wife has been bothering me to pickup egyptian cotton sheets for our own bedroom. I have never heard of these types of sheets, is this some new craze in the interior design world?

  7. I love your room, looks much better then the mls pics. That room is huge!! But you have managed to make it look comfertable and beautiful!

  8. Buying a new house and moving to it from the old one can take a while, and so can settling in, but the finished product is always worth it! I think you did a great job with your bedroom! My suggestion for decoration above your bed would be the paintings that are separated but depict one whole picture. I think 4 panels of painting would look great there!

  9. Your bedroom is so beautiful! Love your bed linens and those shelves are wonderful and your dressed them so prettily.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. So pretty! I love the bedding and the curtains that you made. Looks so cozy and like a great space to unwind at the end of the day. Beautiful!!

  11. Wow, what an absolutely beautiful bedroom! I love that you filled in the area over the fireplace and hung a picture. It looks so much more elegant. And how lucky are you to have a fireplace in there? Love it! You did such a beautiful job. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. One fine bedroom you have there. The interior design you have fits well even with bargain beds. You totally applied a different taste on your transformation. Cheers!

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  14. Your bedroom looks awesome! I love everything about it. The four poster bed adds an antique touch to the room that goes with some of your decorative pieces too. I also love your sitting area by the fireplace. It looks so cozy! I think you really have great home decorating skills.

    Felipa Barela

  15. Nice bedroom, great ideas, very inspiring.