New House to Home: 2013 Home Goals            

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Home Goals

I've been enjoying reading everyone's New Year's resolutions over the past few days.  It's interesting how varied the resolutions are, from going to the dentist to running a half marathon to remodeling a basement.  As long as everyone else is sharing their goals for the new year, I figured why not share mine?  If I share them, perhaps someone out there will offer advice on how they achieved a similar goal.  Also, if my goals are out there for the world to see, I might be more inclined to accomplish them.  Since you're probably visiting this site because you're interested in home improvement and home decorating, I'll only share the goals related to my home.  I've broken most of the goals into smaller, less overwhelming action items.

Update the Dining Room
This should happen fairly soon, because I've already completed the most difficult task - choosing and purchasing fabrics.  The 1990's gold and burgundy color scheme will be a thing of the past when I complete the following action items:
  • Recover dining chairs
  • Make new curtains
  • Make a table runner
  • Replace rug
It's hard to tell from the photo, but my new fabric selections are a sage green.  The polka dot fabric is a tan and brown linen-look fabric.

Add Personal Touches to the Master Bath
I recently had some work done in the master bath to upgrade some of the builder basic features.  It still feels pretty basic, though, due to lack of personality and interesting features.  I'm hoping to change that by doing the following:
  • Add art above the existing shower towel racks
  • Create a towel rack shelf for the tub area
  • Purchase new towels
  • Add plants
Much cuter than a towel rack 
Here is an inspiration photo from Pinterest.  Sorry, I could not find the original source for this image.

Create a Gallery Wall in the Basement
This should be fairly easy because I've already purchased the frames (about eighteen months ago.  Can you say procrastinator?).  Action items include:
  • Print photographs in sizes appropriate for frames
  • Make a template of desired hanging arrangement
  • Hang frames using Command Picture Hanging Strips
I love the personality the photos add to an otherwise boring wall.  The image below is a great example.  I can't wait to jazz up my basement with some fun photos of my girls.

Finish Decorating the Living Room
You may recall that my living room was once red and green.  I got tired of the room feeling "Christmas-y" all year long, so I moved everything red into the basement.  In that transition, I also moved the coffee table to the basement.  The living room has been virtually empty ever since.  To make it look like an actual living room, I'll need to do the following:
  • Purchase a coffee table and maybe a rug
  • Hung something on the empty wall
  • Sew pillows for the couch and chairs
  • Accessorize
I chose this as my inspiration photo since I already own a couch in a similar shade of green and my Ballard Olivia side tables are similar to the tables in the photo.

Lighten Up the Kitchen
If I don't achieve any one of my goals, this will be the one.  That's because I have no idea how to lighten and brighten the dark space.  We have dark cabinets, black countertops, wood floors and black appliances.  Since I know none of those things will be going any time soon, I'll have to use accessories to lighten things up.  I don't have a plan, but I'm hoping the answer will come to me within the next twelve months.

Share the House
I always want to wait until things are perfect before inviting people over.  I've recently come to the realization that things will never be perfect, not in my house or anyone else's.  But I do work really hard on the house, and it seems silly not to share it with the people we care about.  So I've decided to host at least three adult parties this year (in addition to the countless kid-centric gatherings that we host).
  • Host a party in the spring
  • Host a party in the summer
  • Host a party in either fall or winter

I think I have a good chance of achieving all of my goals because the action items are specific, realistic, achievable and measurable (with the exception of my kitchen goal).  I'll check my progress about once every three months to see if I'm on track and determine whether or not I need to revise anything.  If I get all of these things done, I'll consider it a productive year.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.


  1. Cheryl, these are great goals! I don't have any major plans for the house; but, I did post about using our "good stuff" and entertaining more. Those are resolutions that I can stick to! When it comes to changes in the house, we just kinda do things on a!

  2. Can't wait to see that dining room! Love the fabrics!

  3. Wow, these are some great goals!! So smart to make a list! Personalizing the bathroom and wall galleries are my favorites. I really think nothing makes a house feel like a home more than wall galleries with cherished family pictures and memories!

  4. I got tired of the room feeling Christmas all year long, so I moved everything red into the basement. In that transition I also moved the coffee table to the basement. home wool insulation