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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Most Popular Home Decor Pins

How was your weekend?  Did you get much done?  Here in southwestern Ohio, we had three warm days in a row, which allowed me to get outside and do some painting (in between rain showers that kept popping up).  When it was raining, I was able to come inside and work on recovering my dining room chairs.  Because I was running back and forth between projects, I didn't actually complete any one project, although I made a lot of progress on two different projects.  Unfortunately I've got no pretty original pictures to show you today.  :(

Since I've got nothing of my own to share with you, I decided to do a little research and put together a post containing links to Pinterest's ten most popular home décor pins from the last thirty days.  It should come as no surprise that the list of most popular home décor pins is populated with beautifully serene rooms, clever organizational ideas and ideas for hanging art.  Let's take a look, starting with the tenth most popular pin from the last thirty days.  Before we start, please know that the original sources of many of these images were not easily available.  For several of the images I had to research long and hard to find them.  I did it because I wanted the owners of the images to get credit for their work.  That being said, if you see something you like, please follow the link to the original source and pin from there.

10.  The original source of this image seems to be Pottery Barn Kids, although I can't find a link to the exact picture.  The calm color palette of the room makes it the perfect place for a sweet baby to sleep. 
Baby girl room Baby girl room Baby girl room

9.  This clever pull-out rack for storing pots and pans would certainly make my life easier.  The pin came from, but if you'd like more information on how to purchase one of these units for yourself, click here to see the product at
For my dream kitchen! Pots and pans organization. Home depot sell these. #kitchen #organization

8.  An empty liquor bottle gets a new lease on life as a handsoap dispenser.  This would be perfect for a bachelor pad, but not so perfect in my house.  Maybe I could do something similar using an olive oil bottle.  I'm not sure where the original image came from, but the pin comes to us from another site that people use to post photos they find interesting.  This one is called 9GAG.   Some of the posts are a little off color, so be warned if you decide to visit the site.
A way to recycle a Jack Daniel's bottle

7.  In the lucky number seven position we have a beautiful gallery wall running up a stairwell.  The image was pinned from an inspiring article entitled "Photo Wall Art Display" on I Heart Faces.  It originally came from an article entitled "12 Ways to Display Art" from the Better Homes and Garden website.
Stairstep It

6.  A blog post by Haus Design containing a collection of simple decorating ideas brings us the number six most popular pin of the last thirty days.  The post doesn't credit another source for the image, so I'm not sure where it originally came from. 

5.  It's no wonder this peaceful bedroom is currently one of the most popular pins on Pinterest.  Who wouldn't want to end the day in this restful retreat?  The beautiful details such as the monogrammed pillow capiz shell chandelier and textured wallpaper add just enough interest.  You can find more information at DecorPad
bedrooms - Oly Studio Serena Chandelier Regina Andrew Milano Antique Mercury Glass Lamp blue gray black wallpaper white bed headboard lamp bench tufting duvet  Love this...except those pictures above the headboard.  ClusterF*&% LOL

4.  This image comes from Etsy seller Off the Wall Expression.  For $95 (plus shipping) you can have your own six foot tall vinyl tree decal.  It comes with the main tree with branches, nine 5x7 vinyl decal frames, and fifty leaves to arrange as you like.  You can even pick your own colors for the trunk, the leaves and the frames!  How cool is that?
I am going to paint a tree on the wall and hang pics of the family to make a family tree!!  Love the ideas for large family trees!!

3.  This image comes from Glitzy in 1st Grade.  Jessica, a very organized first grade dual language teacher in Texas, was kind enough to post images of her classroom organizing strategies.  From what I gather, this was the storage area for her students' journals and books as it looked at the beginning of the year.  A storage area like this could easily work for storage at home.

2.  Another calm bedroom from houzz comes in at number two.  I'm noticing that bedrooms with white bedding are getting a lot of attention from pinners.  Hmmm...I'll have to keep that in mind for when I'm ready to give my bedroom a facelift.
love the fireplace

1.  And your most popular pin of the last 30 days, with 682 repins and 179 likes, is...
Grey living room
this very traditional living room with a modern twist.  Designer Caitlin Creer takes us on a tour of this room she put together for her photographer.  Click here for all of the gorgeous details.  If you're not currently following Caitlin on Pinterest, you should be.  She has great taste and is always pinning divine rooms and beautiful furniture.

There you have it - the 10 most popular Pinterest images of the past 30 days.  In case you are wondering, I got all of my information from Repinly, where you can get all kinds of stats on trending pins.  Did you see anything that inspired you in the top ten?  If not, hop on over to Repinly, where there's something for everyone.


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